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The surf school provides knowledge and skills for leisure sports - surfing, beginners and advanced all ages.

The approach to clients is individual. According to their physical and mental dispositions, anamnesis of sports activities, a personal teaching plan is determined.

The ideological focus of the school corresponds to the modern understanding of the use of free time, the joy of movement in the aquatic environment.

The activity of the surf school is focused not only on the technique of acquiring the skills of a sports discipline, but also on an environment suitable for surfing.

Lessons include sports specialized training, familiarity with safety, risks and wave rules. For advanced students, the teaching focuses on eliminating mistakes and acquiring new skills, it is also possible to use a surfguide.

Due to the fact that the surf school has an international character, teaching takes place in several languages - French, English, Italian, Russian, Czech.

The school is run by Babic Petr, a university graduate in the field of sports and geography - STAPS, Masaryk University, with publishing activities - book: SURF, ISBN 978-80-7268-484-7 (2008), university book: Active forms of tourism - Surfing part , ISBN 978-80-210-4361-9 (2007).

Babic Petr lectured at Masaryk University - Active forms of tourism - Surfing. He dealt with the kinanthropology of sliding sports - windsurfing and surfing.

The performance sports of windsurfing, surfing and yachting at classification levels and championships, as well as the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding, which he dealt with during his sports career, make it possible to orient training for talented and motivated advanced surfers for training to higher categories of competitive disciplines.

He provided the organizational structures of surfing at the local level until 2010, after 2011 at the international level in cooperation with ISA and some national surf associations.

Geographical disposition and rich surfing experience led him to various surf trips and knowledge of the world's surf spots in Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tahiti, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia and others, especially in the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Graduates of the surf school from 2021 can, if they are interested, be automatically registered in the Alliance of Friends of the Surf School Guadeloupe and use free remote surfing services. Registrants can request further details at the school address.

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  • Teaching tips beginners and advanced surfer is led by graduate instructors speaking English, French, Russian, Italian and Czech.
  • Total time surf course lasts 10 hours, for 5 days. Each surf lesson is 2 hours: 5 x 36euro = 180euro. Price includes all rent surf equipment and videocoaching.

  • Lessons Private / Specific: 1 Surf Lesson is 2h - 75euro.

  • For reservations 10-hours of surf course we ask that you pay a deposit of 30%.

  • Price List of Surf Courses
    The courses for beginners and advances Price
    10 Hours 180 euro
    2 Hours 40 euro

    Time surfing courses can be expanded as required by the Surfer.